Virginia Madison Mooney

Madison is a student full of life and joy, which shows in everything she does.  From the first time meeting her working in the school cafeteria, always with a smile, a friendly word, and a willingness to help, everyone could not help but be drawn to her.  At times, it is hard to understand what where she is assigned, as you may find her in any office that needs assistance, such as registrar, development, student services, janitorial, grounds, etc. Currently, she works as a teacher’s assistant, tutor for the sociology department, and does extra hours for the registrar’s office.  Madison has always been very active as a student.  She played softball, participates with community service projects, works part-time with Pioneer Caterers for special events, and volunteers for the convocation program and anywhere she sees a need. She is an advocate for her fellow students, stepping up to help shovel snow, remove ice, seek assistance for issues/problems she feels that could affect her fellow classmates, as well as supports her classmates in their activities.  Madison is a true leader.  She loves life, truly understands the importance of service learning, and is a great supporter of the work program.

Alice Lloyd College