Min Hyeok Kang

Min Hyeok Kang
College of the Ozarks, Math and Physics Assistant

Min has worked in the Math-Physics Department for several semesters and is the "elder statesman" so to speak. He is constantly encouraging and mentoring the students who are newer to the department. Min does every task assigned to him in an excellent way and in a timely manner.

He routinely seeks out additional work when his tasks are completed. Min did not take physics at CofO, but he came to me last year and asked if he could work on the homework assignments for the class so that he would be able to tutor students when they came in. This is definitely beyond the scope of his job description, but he is truly concerned about doing the best he can and about helping struggling students succeed.

Min is a humble and teachable Christian, a deep-thinker, and a student who can serve as a role model for others. As a foreign-born student, he appreciates the advantages that he has in American life, and he is also a piano major which brings a sense of appreciation of the beauty of the arts to us.

Most importantly, Min has a strong sense of vocational duty which I can only see growing as he leaves the College to take on his next challenge.

College of the Ozarks