Miles Adair

Miles Adair
Warren Wilson College, Admissions Crew

Miles has been on Admissions for his entire time here at Wilson. It just came naturally to him, he grew to be a true Admissions representative and we believe several students here today, are a result of one of Miles' tours, talks about what it's like to be here or one of a thousand mailings that went through his hands-with a personal note inside. Through his independent thinking and creative thought, he has run many events with us, working on parking, talking to groups and families, seeing what needs to be done and cheerfully (even after a 9-hour event) keeping on-keeping on for families with a smile.

Miles (known to us as "Smiles") has been consistent since day 1 with an upbeat can-do attitude. He is always on time and ready to go, seeing what needs to be done. It might be 3 families up front who are ready for a tour or a huge mailing that is stacked high on the back table, confirmation texts or scheduling visits for first-time contacts. He could probably single-handedly run the office, and he very well may have when everyone else was out sick! We are all quite attached to Miles and we are not quite sure what we will do without him and he will be sorely missed.

Miles demonstrates leadership by taking crewbies (that's what we call new crew members) under his wings and showing them the ropes, He is great with all types of people and personalities making all feel welcome and eager to learn what he is teaching. He gives amazing tours(extra long I might say) and he is very thorough. He has trained up many a tour guide! Also whenever we have events (that often start very early) Miles is immediately encouraging "crew bonding" at 6 am at the waffle house before the event to kick it off right.

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