Micah King

Micah King
Paul Quinn College, Facilities Department

Quote from the student: “I worked in the facilities department under the leadership of Nahydiel Molina. What I liked most about working in the facilities department was the opportunity to put my business management skills into action. The work was a hands-on experience that allowed me to meet staff and peers, all while earning money for my education.

"I learned to be a strategical thinker and implement preventative plans for our campus. Prior to working in facilities, I had not given the important details related to running a facility, campus, or business the proper thoughts.The skills I learned, such as team work, service, and maintaining a clean campus that efficiently functions, while working in facilities can transfer to my plans to operate my own business. 

"Being a part of a work college and a work program has made my experience at Paul Quinn more than just attending classes. My experiences are invaluable because it has led to a summer internship. The program developed the skills and confidence in me that are needed for the world.” 

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