Matthew Blackford

Bethany Global University, Enrollment Student Manager

Matthew Blackford was unanimously selected for the PT Student of the Year by our BGU staff. Matthew is a kind, attentive, godly young man who is an exceptional student with outstanding leadership skills. We had a major transition in the Enrollment Department this year, and as a student manager, he managed his whole department until new staff members were hired and trained. Besides being very dedicated and efficient he has always looked at his job with an innovative eye. He constantly finds ways to improve his position and the systems around him. He showed such a high aptitude for the role, that he was able to maintain the goals set for the Enrollment Department staff, while also being a full-time student making excellent grades. Matthew Blackford will be greatly successful in whatever path God has for him, and we are very thankful to have this young man as part of our student body leadership at Bethany Global University.

Bethany Global University