Schirin Oeding

Sterling College
Freelance writer
Graduate student

“A great education offers facts and figures hand-in-hand with a deeper understanding of the self by awakening a compassionate, thoughtful relationship with each other and our planet. The marriage of work and learning gave me the chance to connect more deeply to my purpose as a human being, as well as allowing me to partake in the challenges and delights of the college community’s day-to-day operation. In a time when student debt has become the norm, the work-college model combines the best of both worlds: a chance to graduate with less--or no--debt, and an opportunity to really dig in deep and get our hands dirty. 

In my experience, one of the greatest joys of a Sterling education is the celebration of work and service done well. This commitment, along with the chance to explore multiple avenues of work on and off campus, have driven me to make no compromises in the vision of my life’s work.”