Dr. Kopano "KP" Mmalane

Practical Idealist: Kopano “KP” Mmalane ’09

Stories recounting how each of us were first drawn to Warren Wilson College are often magical and profound—kismet: a meaningful journey inspiring the best of who we were meant to be in the world. It is also often a journey inspired by the love, generosity and passion of those who have come before us—a graduate, a friend, a family member who said, “Warren Wilson is incredible. It will change your life.

It will help you be the best you can be.” For Kopano “KP” Mmalane ’09, the journey from a small village in Botswana has its roots in a 1996 Rotary Club foreign exchange program between her father and Joel Adams, former chair and current member of the Warren Wilson College Board of Trustees, and his partner, Marla.