Work Colleges cultivate critical thinkers with a proven work ethic. Interested in hiring a WCC graduate? Opportunity starts here.

In addition to a college degree, Work College students earn respect and real world experience through a comprehensive Work, Learning & Service approach. This engages students on multiple levels while making college more accessible and affordable.

How it works  Work Colleges purposefully integrate work responsibilities—complete with supervisors and evaluations—along with community service activities into every student’s education. The work program on each campus is distinctive, designed to meet campus needs and complement relevant coursework. Work is a thoughtfully integrated and an intentional part of the educational program at each college. It’s not surprising that this approach works, but how well it works. Work Colleges have an accomplished record of 100 years of preparing well-rounded community and business leaders. Students at all Work Colleges balance work assignments and service activities with academic coursework. It takes determination and dedication–but the return on investment is astounding.

Why it works  When Work College graduates enter a chosen career, they’re already equipped with many of the skills that today’s employers say they desire, but have difficulty finding.1 In recent research by the Chronicle of Higher Education, more than half the employers surveyed said it was a challenge to find recent graduates qualified enough to fill open positions. Citing a lack of basic workplace proficiencies like communication skills, adaptability and complex problem solving, employers are placing more emphasis on work experience than traditional indicators like grade point average. A Work College degree represents more than business acumen and academic success. It’s a sign of personal integrity and dedication. Students learn to manage multiple priorities while balancing academic coursework with their work assignment and engaging in service to their college and community. In return, Work Colleges help students earn a valuable 4-year degree with reduced student debt.

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Alice Lloyd College · Janet Johnson · 606-368-6136

Berea College · James Atkinson · 859-985-3316

Blackburn College · Suzanne Krupica · 217-854-3231 ext. 4361

College of the Ozarks · Ron Martin · 417-690-3248

Ecclesia College · J.E. Wadkins · 479-248-7236 ext. 212

Sterling College · Jennifer Payne · 802-586-7711 ext. 126

Warren Wilson College · Wendy Seligmann · 828-771-3033


1The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace survey, “The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions.” Other statistics and employer quotes from the Work Colleges Consortium Survey.