Research and Commentary

WCC Colleges offer an alternative to more traditional liberal arts colleges. WCC students graduate with multiple transferrable skill sets and are workforce-ready, so it’s important to track indicators that reflect the added value of an education at our Member Colleges and are in accord with the WCC mission. These assessments help us to track progress and determine best practices to share with others involved in higher education.

Over the past ten years the Work Colleges have collaboratively engaged in several research and outreach projects, listed below. Please note that individual institutions are also readily engaged in their own institutional research and present on a wide range of topics to a variety of audiences.

In the fall of 2010, the Consortium conducted a survey of alumni (1993-2007) across our seven institutions. The data and information is currently being analyzed and reviewed and will be released later this year. For a preview, click here.

Research and Commentary

Consortium Collaborative Research and Outreach:


  • NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement), 2003/2007
  • Work, Learning and Belonging at Six U.S. Work Colleges, 2002-2005 (Funded by the Lumina Foundation)
  • Appalachian Colleges Region Alumni Outcomes Survey, 2000-2001





In Defense of the Liberal Arts, Jeff Aper, Blackburn College















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