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Ecclesia was founded in 1975 as a training center for young missionaries. Now a Christ-centered liberal arts college, Ecclesia educates young leaders for a variety of professional fields by focusing on academic excellence, work ethic, character growth, and Christian service in the U.S. and abroad. Denominationally and culturally diverse, Ecclesia is a friendly, close-knit campus where Christ is emphasized as the worthy center of a student's college years, as well as ongoing personal and professional life. The College campus is also the home of Ecclesia Prep, which offers supplementary classes and activities for Christian homeschoolers. For a growing number of families, Ecclesia College is the natural choice to follow and build on a godly private or home education.

As an institution of higher learning, our mission is to mentor effective leaders to strengthen the foundations of society through the life and values of Christ.

"I've experienced first hand how Ecclesia prepares students for success in every aspect of life." Twila Paris, EC Alumnus

Mission Statement:
As an institution of higher learning, Ecclesia College mentors effective leaders to strengthen the foundations of society through the life and values of Christ.

                                                                                         85% graduation rate

Employers work hard to recruit conscientious people who have experience, proven skill, interpersonal relating abilities, and a good work ethic. But increasingly, many young job seekers fail to bring those highly sought-after qualities to the professional table. During your time at Ecclesia, you will gain the clear edge as you work those qualities deep into your life. (Many juniors and seniors even have the opportunity to work in a position related to their career choice, thereby building a strong resume before they leave college.) And after graduation, your hands-on experience and learned skills will position you for a better job and greater influence in your chosen profession.

Ecclesia College Scholarships are available in the following areas:

Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Soccer
Women's Soccer
Shooting Sports Team

Homeschoolers and Other Students from Single Income Families
Todays families are finding it increasingly difficult to provide for their children's private, Christ-centered college education, particularly when one parent has stayed home for a number of years. Therefore many student have been graduating with an enormous burden of debt which can follow them for decades. Ecclesia's work learning program makes it possible to afford a private education in a Christian environment while incurring little or no debt (see graphic). For example, a significant number of students come from homeschooling families which, by definition, are usually single income families. So the special benefit to these students is obvious.

During each fall & spring semester, students will be assigned a Work Learning position where they will work alongside other personnel on average 15 hours / week at our campus facilities in jobs including:

Food Services
Admissions Office
Information Technology

Ecclesia has historically recognized the value of high-quality work and now maintains an institutional commitment to promote an understanding of that value among students through the establishment of a student work-and-learning program.This program helps students to understand work as a tool for experiential education, as a means of serving the community, nation, and world, and as a place for integrating academic learning, practical knowledge, and life lived in the larger community.


Work-learning significantly reduces the cost of tuition!
Work Learning Program tuition credit – This is awarded to all resident students (and the majority of non-residents) who participate in the student work program. The actual amount of money earned for the hours worked (around $2475 / semester) in the student work program throughout the semester is credited towards the student’s tuition costs.

The following areas of study may be taken as majors, minors, concentrations, or emphases, as listed in the following degrees: 

Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Sport Management
Bachelor of Communication Ministries
Bachelor of Christian Counseling
Bachelor of Christian Leadership
Bachelor of Music Ministries
Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Biblical Ministries
Associate of General Studies
Associate of Biblical Studies

Majors Offered
Biblical Ministries
Biblical-Theological Studies
Business Administration (B.S.)
Christian Counseling
Christian Leadership
Communication Ministries
Music Ministries
Sport Management (B.S.)

Small classes and the deep commitment of Ecclesia College faculty provides a learning atmosphere that is extremely conducive to academic success.  Almost every member of Ecclesia's most recent graduating class finished with a 3.5 GPA or above, with approximately 30% graduating with a 4.0.

Ecclesia College receives institutional accreditation for higher education with The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE; formerly known as AABC). Ecclesia College has been accredited with ABHE since 2005. ABHE is recognized by the U. S. Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Ecclesia College became a member of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) in July of 2009.

How it Benefits the Student:
In the current competitive world market, top employers look for employees who have both the knowledge and the experience needed to be successful.  High on their priority list are such things as team skills, interpersonal skills, understanding diverse cultures, and foreign language skills.  All of these crucial elements of success are learned and sharpened during EC's Service Learning Program.  Whether it be in a drama or music team ministering in the States or spending a month in a foreign country being challenged physical, emotionally, and spiritually, EC students grow in personal ability as well as learn how to successfully work in a team to bring about successful results.

There are few things more life-impacting than seeing with your own eyes the “untouchables” of India lying in the street dying before your eyes, the hopelessness etched into the faces of all the street children in Romania, or befriending a Chinese student who has never heard the name of “Jesus.” But greater still is seeing the power of Jesus Christ radically saving and healing an entire broken household of Mexicans, witnessing an El Salvadorian family’s joy upon walking into the house you just built for them, or experiencing the glow of a new convert in China who’s countenance has changed as much as her spirit!

Opportunities range from working with local churches on special projects, ministering through the arts with an EC Team, or travelling to a foreign country to share the life and love of Christ. In every case, students are applying Christ's greatest commandment by loving Him and loving others, as well as developing crucial skills that will make them successful in every area of life.

Regional and National Outreaches:
authentiK – Student Leaders Camp
Inner-city Outreach
Service Projects

EC students intentionally make a practice of reaching out to those around them in both word and action. We work with local churches in sharing the love of Christ to individuals and communities in need.

Foreign Outreaches:
EC is planning outreach practicums.

Current Locations: China Outreach, Peru Relief and Development, Mexico, Turkey, Romania, India
Students strategically minister and lead ministry in some of the most explosive harvest fields in the world as well as some of the most unreached.

As a member of the Christian community worldwide, foreign outreaches play a vital role at Ecclesia College. On these foreign trips, ranging from 10-30 days, students go far beyond learning simple theories of evangelism as they find themselves sharing Christ with a Chinese University student on the steps of the Great Wall of China, or standing on a crowed street hugging one of the “untouchables” of India who just became a believer, or working up a good sweat building a house for a needy family in El Salvador. From friendship evangelism to mercy ministry to street preaching, opportunities to better understand a culture and then effectively share Christ benefit each student as well as the entire Body of Christ.




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