Warren Wilson College is a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding and the common good. Through the Triad of academics, work and service, students gain meaningful education and, at the same time, learn how to make a difference.

Warren Wilson’s liberal arts curriculum includes a rigorous academic program, a service commitment and participation in a work program of 15 hours per week. Positions range from accounting to forestry to plumbing; whatever the placement, the nature of work helps develop strong work ethic and enhanced academic experiences. Students learn about dependability, integrity, problem solving, initiative, analytical thinking, communication and appreciation for the value of all work.

Warren Wilson College

The Triad
The Triad refers to the three disciplines of Work, Learning and Service interwoven to create a holistic, experiential education that is Warren Wilson College. These disciplines are brought to life throughout campus and are deeply instilled with an ethos of sustainability and cross-cultural understanding. Led by faculty and staff, learning takes place everywhere—in the classroom, the forest, the fields and the broader local and international community.

Through the Triad, students gain a meaningful education that feeds intellectual hunger and prepares them with important life and career skills like collaboration, leadership and problem solving strategies. Graduates leave Warren Wilson with knowledge, know-how and the confidence to use them. Warren Wilson College is for individuals who want to make a difference.

Service and Community Engagement
Warren Wilson College prepares students for service, leadership, work and meaningful lifelong learning. One way is through community engagement, which is required for graduation. Students must track and measure progress in four key growth areas: self-knowledge, understanding complex issues, capacity fro leadership and their overall commitment to community engagement.

Work Program
Warren Wilson College’s distinguished campus Work Program features students and supervisors working together to operate and maintain the College. Students learn the basics of sound work practices and responsibility while helping to reduce the cost of attendance. They have to carefully consider the most productive and effective ways to combine their Work-Learning-Service experiences with student life.

Work assignments are real world situations in which competition, seniority, skills and previous work experience all factor in placement decisions. Students receive regular evaluations and in return, evaluate their supervisors. Transcripts of work assignments and accomplishments serve as a reference after graduation.

The Work Program supports the mission of the College by providing opportunities for students to examine and celebrate the ethics and value of work and education.

Mission of Warren Wilson’s Work Program includes:

  • Providing a work force that benefits students educationally and financially while serving the community;
  • Fostering a positive work ethic, respect for dignity of labor, and the importance of serving others;
  • Strengthening students’ sense of community and appreciation for the complex operations of a large community like Warren Wilson College;
  • Offering experiential learning that helps fulfill and enhance the educational mission; and
  • Providing students with an evaluation of their work, opportunities for reflection and career guidance that encourages informed decisions.

“The Triad gave me complex layers of both practical and inspiring experiences that prepared me for my professional and personal life in ways that no other college possibly could.

“The Triad teaches invaluable principles like responsibility, critical thinking, effective communication, compromise, time-management, balance, setting and achieving long-term goals and community involvement—all with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and multicultural awareness.

“The Triad prepared me not only for my career, but to make a meaningful impact on the world. I did not simply earn a degree at Warren Wilson, I became a better human.”
Melissa, Freelance Writer, Photographer and Editor, 2002 Warren Wilson alumna