Sterling College is a small and progressive liberal arts college in northern Vermont. Our small size, our environmental focus, and our commitment to grassroots sustainability all make us unique.

Sterling College

Sterling College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ecology, Environmental Humanities, Outdoor Education, and Sustainable Agriculture. Students can also choose to design their own major, and some examples include Agroecology, Envrionmental Justice, Conservation Education, and International Agriculture and Business.

Sterling was among the very first colleges in the United States to link the liberal arts to ecology, outdoor education, environmental humanities, and sustainable agriculture. Sterling believes that the wellbeing of humanity depends on small, interconnected communities, committed to conscientious practices in agriculture and energy use, and in stewardship of our air, soil, and water. 

Sterling College was eating local food and advocating for sustainability in the 1970s, and it continues to do so today. The campus is a living system that supports the community and the educational mission. Students monitor campus energy use and food production, teach classes on sustainability in the local public school system, participate in wildlife mapping projects and citizen science initiatives, and engage in activism around environmental issues. 

In 2013, Sterling College became the third college in the U.S., and the first college in Vermont, to announce its intention to divest its endowment from fossil fuels.