Ecclesia College makes higher education personally challenging and financially accessible to serious students. Ecclesia College serves students regardless of their family resources—building character and skills while significantly offsetting educational expenses. While the national average student debt is close to $25,250, Ecclesia students graduate with far less debt: averaging less than $6,000 in student loans.

Ecclesia College takes a Christ-centered approach in educating students and mentoring tomorrow’s leaders. Ethically developed and culturally diverse, Ecclesia students graduate with an extraordinary combination of characteristics that employers value.

Ecclesia College

According to acclaimed work ethic expert Eric Chester, “Employers are searching for positive, enthusiastic people who show up for work on time, dressed and prepared properly, who go out of their ways to add value and do more than what’s required of them, who are honest, who will play by the rules and who will give cheerful, friendly service regardless of the situation.”

Ecclesia College aims to influence the professional and personal trajectory of its students by doing two simple but critical things: first, help students incur less college debt; and second, preparing them mentally, emotionally and practically for the professional world by integrating Work, Learning and Service.

Building work ethic and good character is the cornerstone of Ecclesia’s Work Program.

Assist students in graduating with limited debt.
College graduates entering the workforce are often faced with the combined challenge of finding a good-paying job in their profession and repaying student loans. Ecclesia College gives students a head start through its acclaimed Work Program. Students work a campus job for 15 hours per week every semester in addition to academic studies. Their hard work is handsomely rewarded. On average, Ecclesia graduates owe less than one-quarter of the debt of average college graduate.

Better prepare students for the professional world by integrating academic and work experiences.
Ecclesia students prepare for leadership through participation, not observation. The College’s Work Program provides students with priceless job training and character refining experiences. The added responsibility of work creates an experiential education and a way to serve others in a supportive environment that integrates academic learning, practical knowledge and real world experience.

“I was challenged to engage in teamwork, verbal and written communication, leadership roles and service. My interpersonal skills improved and I gained a better understanding of others. What stuck with me was  . . . Things have to get done, so just get them done. Work hard in the time you have.” Ecclesia Graduate

Ecclesia’s Work-Learning Program encourages:
Character:  The Ecclesia educational experience focuses on developing and living in good character with Christ as the model.

True Success: Ecclesia prepares students for true success through an innovative integration of academics, work, internships, mentoring and other hands-on experiences.

Debt Reduction: Ecclesia is so committed to providing a Christian higher education that it will award a financial aid package offsetting tuition costs to every deserving student demonstrating need.

Faith Integration: “True knowledge comes from the foundation of faith and character”[2 Peter 1:5] is a fundamental conviction both in and out of the classroom. Ecclesia allows and supports discussions regarding student faith and core beliefs alongside traditional academics.

Mentoring for Life: Every Ecclesia College student has a support system of faculty, administration and fellow students to assist and encourage them throughout life.

Service: Students serve in the local community and have an opportunity to minister around the world in places like China, India, El Salvador, Turkey and Mexico.