Alice Lloyd College places a supreme value on educating the whole person. In addition to intellectually preparing students for a rewarding career or continuing education, the ALC experience builds character, teaches work ethic and graduates responsible citizens ready for a life of service and leadership.

Nearly 90 years ago, Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd founded the College with determined provision: No students would be turned away because of their financial limitations. She believed in the value of work, to promote student leadership and provide an economic means for student education. Today her vision is realized through three key areas—academics, student service and the Work Program. Participation in all three areas is a requirement for graduation.

Alice Lloyd College

It not only works, it works incredibly well. Alice Lloyd College is the only four year liberal arts college in the nation to exclusively recruit students from Appalachia and guarantee to cover the full cost of tuition for qualifying full time students. The majority of Alice Lloyd graduates are the first in their families to receive a bachelor’s degree. Last year, 70% of the graduating class held this honor.

The Alice Lloyd Experience

Work Program
The student Work Program has always been central to the Alice Lloyd College experience. It is intended as both an earning opportunity and a learning experience, teaching students responsible leadership and discipline. All full time students work 10–20 hours a week providing a wide range of campus services. Examples of student positions include: the dining hall (Hunger Din), grounds and building maintenance, the campus radio station (WWJD-FM), library, and computer technology labs. Students also serve as academic and administrative assistants, resident advisors and even lifeguards.

The variety of jobs allows students to tailor their work posts to match their collegiate goals and previous experience. Similar to real world work scenarios, students can request specific assignments. Merit and performance evaluations are key to securing promotions.  

Leadership and Service
Leadership is highly valued at Alice Lloyd College. Comprehensive leadership development is part of classroom instruction and includes activities outside of Appalachia, serving those from different backgrounds than most ALC students.

Alice Lloyd College’s commitment to leadership has truly benefitted the region. A full 95% of graduates who apply for advanced studies at graduate or professional schools are accepted. Research shows that over 80% of Alice Lloyd alumni return to the region to lead and serve their communities, many as doctors, lawyers, ministers, educators, business and political leaders.

Through special scholarship programs, Alice Lloyd College graduates are eligible for financial and housing assistance while pursuing advanced university or professional degrees. The caveat is that students return to the mountains to serve in their chosen fields.

The Difference? Alice Lloyd Students:
Obtain a Character-Based Education
Alice Lloyd College focuses on developing Christian morals and ethics. The importance of good character is so paramount, even the main street on campus is named Purpose Road and side streets include Conscience, Duty and Courage.

Participate in Service Learning
Students are provided with multiple volunteer opportunities, and can choose to participate in the Leadership Education Program to further their dedication to serving others.

Work for Their Education
All full-time students at ALC work at least 10 hours a week to offset the cost of their education. Jobs range from grounds and janitorial duties to office positions and teacher assistants.

Don’t Pay Tuition
All students in the 108-county service area do not pay any out-of-pocket costs for tuition while attending ALC through the Appalachian Leaders Scholarship. Funding for this program is provided through generous individual donations.

Graduate Debt Free
For the past several years, ALC has consistently ranked as “the Top Colleges for Graduating Students with the Least Amount of Debt,” according to U.S. News & World Report.

Receive Financial Assistance for Graduate School
Through the Caney Scholars Program, ALC graduates pursuing advanced degrees are eligible for special scholarships. Students attending the University of Kentucky also have the option of living in ALC’s Caney Cottage, rent-free.